Montreal Gazette – Well Written Insight


The MTL (Montreal) Gazette is one of Canada’s oldest news papers, having been founded in 1778, it has stood the test of time, reporting the news of MTL, of Canada and of the world. When the MTL Gazette publishes an error, they follow up by publishing a correction; this is how journalism is done folks.

With over 100,000 daily readers, the MTL Gazette not only contains an excellent source for world events, but also insightful opinion. The MTL Gazette’s Blog section (found here) contains dozens of interesting and informative blogs authored by well educated writers whom actually went to school and learned how to write! (they even know how to use a spell check)


The Good: Well written, well researched and all around, an informative news source that rarely prints spelling mistakes, let alone errors. Their MTL related blogs are insightful and informative as well.

The Bad: None, I feel this newspaper is a well respected and vital source of information for every Montrealer.


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