SOOO MTL – A Witty and Satirical Take On Trashy MTL Clickbait Blogging



An amusing blog full of lighthearted fun and satire. Their site takes jabs at certain MTL based click-bait and/or trashy Blog(s) by compiling error ridden articles, lists and galleries. Their content is often purposefully laden with grammar and spelling mistakes and are factually inaccurate or are poorly researched; in order to best emulate the trashy blog(s) they mock.


Originally, SOOO MTL was called BlogMTL before having their facebook page shut down by the clown-shoes at MTLBlog. They had received a poorly written Cease and Desist letter (the MTLBlog clown-shoes think they have a trademark on the words “MTL” and “Blog“, how silly of them), being nice people, the BlogMTL crew decided to change their name; even though they didn’t have to. The name change was done simply out of common courtesy for their fellow Blogging Montrealers (a courtesy MTLBlog does not afford to anyone, ever). More info here


The Good: Well written, witty satire, always good for a laugh, nice people

The Bad: None, I feel this blog is truly excellent, thus I give it:


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